How It Saves Time

Nils Frers

Dec. 10 2018
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Without livil, a considerable amount of time is wasted for each work process that requires the access of a different tool.

In general, the time is spent on:

  • Opening new tabs
  • Typing in the URL of the tool you want to access
  • Often: Logging in to the tool
  • Re-acquainting you with the structure of the information
  • Sometimes: Getting distracted with unexpected content
  • Navigating through the tool and finding the piece of information you actually came for
  • Coming back to the original tool afterwards, re-acquainting you there

Particularly time-consuming processes include:

  • Checking all your different tools routinely for new content that may have arrived
  • Writing an email on Gmail and want to attach a file that is located on Box
  • Saving that file you received on Slack in the correct folder of your Google Drive
  • Moving a file currently hosted on Google Drive to a Dropbox folder

Just think about the amount of different steps you have to take to complete these processes.

Through the consolidation and connection of tools on livil, you can save this time.

Calculating time saved

We count the number of times per work day where a user conducts a process on livil that otherwise would have required the access of a different tool.

In experiments with different people we have timed how long this takes on average.

By multiplying the two we can estimate how much time the user has saved. We are then forming an average across the active user base.

We are on a mission to save busy entrepreneurs 1 hour of time each work day.

Productivity Through Integration

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