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Your work, integrated.

The professional work interface powered by your apps

livil connects your work tools on one central web interface, enabling full transparency and control.

Win Back Time

Stop wasting valuable hours navigating disconnected information silos.

Unify Your Work

Connect tools from different providers and integrate your content.

Gain Full Visibility

Search centrally across silos, filter by topic or gain analytics.

Smart Administration of Your Digital Work

Consolidating Work

Your favourite cloud apps in one place

Connecting Work

Drag & Drop across apps

Mining Work

Find what is relevant & gain insights

Use Case Examples

Avoiding the tedious swapping between accounts

Using multiple Google or Dropbox accounts? With livil, the constant logging in and out of different accounts is a thing of the past.

Connecting tools from different providers

Attach a Google Presentation to an Outlook email in one click for example, or save it in one folder together with documents from Box, OneDrive or Dropbox.

Getting transparency across your responsibilities

Working on several topics in parallel with different people and tools? Get an instant overview across your projects in one place.

Concentrating on one thing, filtering out noise

If you want to focus on a particular topic, livil can display only the information that is helpful for the task at hand.

Stopping the constant check for updates

Tired of repetitively checking all of your work tools one after the other for new content? livil gives you a definitive overview of the latest developments.

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