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Mobility Enterprise Developers

We enable drivers to work safely and productively in the vehicle.

Access to all relevant work data and work functionality
Working interfaces built 100% for driving (using voice)
Unique productivity offerings that make sense whilst driving
Apps offering complete office functionality

Distracted driving causes fatalities

In the absence of safe & productive solutions integrated in the vehicle, people grab their smartphone to work while driving

Work tools are inaccessible

Large number of disparate Business Apps used for work, to be integrated in the vehicle and maintained

Work processes are too involved

Work processes to be unified and simplified for the driver to use them safely

We bring all work tools to one level, and make them usable as one unit in the vehicle interface


We consolidate & connect work media

General Adapter for Business Apps, Nerve Center

livil Apps

We build work interfaces 100% suited for driving
(used via voice)

Built around specific work intentions, driving scenarios, and OEM requirements

Service Delivery

We bring our apps into your vehicle

Responding to client-specific Architecture

For Drivers

Remaining safe while driving: Reducing driver inputs to an absolute minimum
Increased productivity: Simplified processes for given work intentions, inter-connectivity of tools
Unrestricted work connectivity: Availability of all relevant work content and work functionality

For Mobility Companies

Meet productivity demand: Consolidated access to all relevant work tools from one source
Consistency with overall brand and HMI: Client-specific interface / apps
Extend meaningful brand relationships, loyalty, digital business models: Work represents important and lasting aspect of drivers' lives

We provide Productivity Solutions for Mobility Companies

Clients include Automotive OEMs & Suppliers, Logistics and Fleet Management Companies
Offering complete In-Vehicle Office apps or unique productivity solutions for specific work intentions
Starting with the driving scenario and user intention, we re-think how work processes should take place
Use Case examples:

Small Business Owner
(Private Car)

On their way to work, getting ready for the day ahead
Receive spoken briefing on today's events, crucial To-Dos, or urgent emails

Outbound Sales
(Company Car)

On their way home from meeting with a prospective client, record meeting notes
Dictate notes on discussion points and next steps, connected to CRM data

Commercial Vehicle Operators

Travelling between jobs, responding to a spontaneous client request
Understand availability across all connected calendars, send RSVP

livil wins Ford's "MakeItDriveable" Challenge

Ford holds this annual challenge with a view to identify and fast-track relevant connectivity innovations. Ford participated with 20 mentors and judges.
livil developed a unique productivity solution that uses Ford’s AppLink / Smart Device Link platform, showcased on the SYNC 3 emulator.
Among 185 organizations, livil is delighted to take one of the two winning spots!

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