The "Leon Muks" Mockup

Nils Frers

Apr. 8 2019
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A day in the life of Elon Musk must be an exciting one. His many commitments and different enterprises (not too mention his time-consuming dedication to his Twitter followers) surely keep him rather busy, to say the least.

The “Leon Muks” mockup started out as a joke. To test out some features of, we needed fake emails, calendar entries and files etc. that we could play with. We pretended to be “Leon Muks” and created fake content daily, which were always based on real life events.

How Elon Musk could save some time

We started wondering how someone like Elon Musk would use to stay on top of his work for Tesla, Space X or The Boring Company. After all, combining the many input sources and communication tools he would use for the different companies is something excels at. Allegedly he also has disposable income, so Elon Musk could be seen as our target customer.

Looking at life through the Elon Musk glasses

Elon Musk is in the news on an hourly basis. We began following his every move. Over the months, we amassed a good amount of content. We decided to put it into a dedicated mockup environment.

We realized that although this is fake content, you get a better impression of what life must be like for Elon Musk. Looking at our mockup, one could really pretend to be the world’s most notorious entrepreneur.

The world of Elon Musk certainly is an entertaining one. He does what he pleases and shows us what is possible. He is certainly fallible yet strangely relatable. Despite it all, he seems to win much more often than he loses.

To be fair, we became a bit obsessed with it all.

We are not the only ones interested in what Elon is up to. Besides the authorities, he is followed closely by more than 25 million users on Twitter alone. We decided to open up the “Leon Muks” mockup to the world, and let others take a glimpse from “Leon’s” point of view.

Think of it as "Fan Fiction"

Not Elon Musk

To be clear, the content on the mockup is obviously fake, but it pays homage to events that really happen in the life of Elon Musk. To avoid any misunderstanding, we always refer to a “Leon Muks” ; “Tisla” ; “The Snoring Company” etc.

We will continue to update it on a daily basis (or close to it). If you want to contribute to the Fan Fiction we would be delighted to add your content.

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