Using your standard work tools to interact with machines

Using your standard work tools to interact with machines

Nils Frers

Sep. 1 2021
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Work-API is the universal adapter to connect machines to any popular work tool such as email, calendar, instant message or spreadsheet.

Sitting at the core of livil's solutions, the "Work-API" consolidates the users' preferred work tools (such as email, calendar, file sharing, IM, CRM, …) from all relevant providers (Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Slack, Salesforce…).

Comparable to a "Business App Adaptor" for the shopfloor, our solutions now also enable an operator to interact naturally with a machine - just like they would interact with another person - using any work tool:

They can for example send a message via Microsoft Teams to create a task for the machine, ask the machine a question on parts count via Alexa (voice inputs) or have the machine create an event on Google Calendar as a reminder to initiate maintenance work.

Work-API enables client companies to connect any standard work tool (such as email, calendar, instant message, …) directly to their machines. This ensures a better integration of the machines in the overall work and communication processes, gives employees the ability to use their favourite tools without creating inefficiencies, and represents a major step towards productive teleoperation. Used across machines from different manufacturers, Work-API contributes towards the standardization and simplification of the interaction between user and machines.

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