Success at Ford's "MakeItDriveable" Challenge

Success at Ford's "MakeItDriveable" Challenge

Nils Frers

Nov. 30 2020
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livil develops a fully integrated productivity solution for Ford "MakeItDriveable" and wins the challenge among 185 applicants.

As a means to identify companies that provide innovative connectivity solutions, Ford annually organizes the "MakeItDriveable" challenge. During this two-day event, livil demonstrated their productivity solutions through a purpose-built app that runs on Ford's AppLink / Smart Device Link platform.

The voice-operated app makes it possible to work safely and productively while driving. Connected to the "Work-API" that abstracts the different work tools, livil showed use cases for both commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

In a series of video calls and pitches, 20 Ford mentors and judges set out to identify which technologies they want to fast-track internally. Among 185 organizations, livil is delighted to take one of the two winning spots!

livil provides a fully integrated toolkit for in-vehicle productivity. The solutions bring all work tools to one level, and make them usable as one unit in the vehicle interface. Get in touch to schedule a demo of the technology and to discuss your requirements.

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