What is "BETA" about it?

What is "BETA" about it?

Nils Frers

Feb. 15 2020
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The “BETA” status mostly reflects the feature richness and number of integrations.

Clients have been using our API since July 2019. Nevertheless, we are still calling this version a "BETA" to be open and transparent about its maturity. We think that customers building applications with our API should always be kept fully informed.

The "BETA" status mostly reflects the feature richness and number of integrations, together with the completeness of our documentation. The times where we see any technical issues (e.g. badly formed requests to underlying APIs) have become rare. It has been a while since we last found out about information missing or being unclear in our Documentation, BUT issues may still appear. And if they do, we will handle it in an immediate and straightforward way. Please inform us about any issues by contacting us at support@livil.co.

We want to be clear that there is no compromise whatsoever when it comes to Security and Data Privacy. As an example, with the BETA version we are already able to meet the high standards put forth from the notoriously critical German Automotive clients.

How long will it be in BETA?

We are in for the long run and are not rushing things. We set ourselves the minimum of one year which would end in July 2020, and we shall re-evaluate then.

Thank you very much for your support in this process. We love working closely with clients, esp. with development partners, and are incorporating all feedback. If you want to become a development partner with early feature access contact us at info@livil.co.

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